The Danish Rheumatism Association

The Danish Rheumatism Association is a national NGO with 80.000 members. About 500 of these are voluntary representatives in 22 local constituencies across the country.

An epidemic disease

Rheumatism is one of the Western world's major diseases. Rheumatic diseases comprise more than 200 different diagnoses; from rare connective tissue diseases to rheumatoid arthritis and the epidemic osteoarthritis. In Denmark, these diseases affect more than 700.000 people's lives. Common to rheumatic diseases is that they affect freedom of movement and are usually associated with persistent or recurrent pain.

Rheumatic diseases are also a welfare threat. In Denmark, they are the most common cause of long-term illness, and the second most common reason for early retirement. Furthermore, rheumatic diseases cause the greatest loss of good years of life.

Children, young and old, men and women, in fact anyone can get rheumatism, but prevalence increases with age. Coupled with demographic trends in our society it is anticipated that in future an even larger percentage of the population will be affected by chronic problems in joints, spine and muscles.

About the Danish Rheumatism Association

Over the past 10 years the Danish Rheumatism Association has supported research in rheumatic diseases with more than DKK 100 million. This means that a substantial part of the non-commercial rheumatology research in Denmark is being funded by the Association. Through extensive outreach campaigns and concrete activities, the Association utilizes the scientific achievements for the benefit of people living with a rheumatic disease.

Patient support is also a very important concern. We provide financial support for patients with special needs, and each year our free hotline advice service answers around 6.000 inquiries from people who need professional support on the physical, mental, social and legal issues that come with a rheumatic disease. The daily contact with people who have to live with the consequences of a chronic disease is also of great importance for our political activities. It is to a large extent through this contact that we become aware of health related, social and other issues to be addressed by decision makers.

Furthermore, The Danish Rheumatism Association owns and operates a hospital specialising in rheumatic diseases, as well as three health and training centres (SANO).

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